Effective Website Navigation Through Jakob’s Law

Effective Website Navigation Through Jakob’s Law

Effective Website Navigation Through Jakob’s Law 500 220 Team AutoGO

Familiarity is what drives people to understanding. Whether that be common experiences, smells, or in this case website viewing. Web users access multiple online sites daily, and familiarity within those sites leads to smooth navigation while browsing products and services.  It takes less mental effort for the user to search through a website that has similar features as other websites. This method is called, Jakob’s law.


What is Jakob’s Law?

Jakob’s law is also known as “Jakob’s law of the internet user experience”. It was created by Jakob Nielson, who explained tendencies of users to create expectations of design conventions based on cumulative experience from other websites. Nielson describes this as a law of human nature , encouraging creators to focus designs formatted similar to other sites. He explained in contrast, unfamiliar website conversions lead to confusion and frustration, which makes it more likely for people to abandon their task-at-hand.

The Importance of “Sameness” When Navigating an Automotive Dealer Site

You may be wondering “If all websites look the same, how will my online presence differentiate from my competitors?”. This concern is valid, however the idea of sameness correlates more to navigation, as opposed to content. From the location of a drop down menu to a the placement of a business contact number, potential customers want easy and fast website browsing. Many method models of websites have examples of what websites should look like detailing from locations of buttons to color schemes used.

A site or app completely different from others in regards to layout would mean the user can longer rely on previous experiences to guide them. The ability to be instantly productive when entering a website benefits both consumer and distributor.

How Can MY Car Dealership’s Website Stand Out Using Jakob’s Law?

Jakob’s law is not saying every product and experience with products/service needs to be identical to others. Instead it advocates for for sameness in guiding principles in design when using common website conversions. Here at Dealer Venom, our team specializes in bold, unique, and easy-to-navigate websites to ensure a pleasing experience for the customer and dealer.





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