Update Inventory, Avoid Bait and Switch

Update Inventory, Avoid Bait and Switch

Update Inventory, Avoid Bait and Switch 500 220 Team AutoGO

Avoiding the Bait and Switch Tactic

One of the most notorious and frustrating tactics historically used by dealerships is the bait and switch. Picture this: a customer is told over the phone, “Yes, we have that car on the lot.” Yet, upon arrival, they hear, “Oh, it must have sold. But why not check out this used minivan instead?” While such scenarios may occur occasionally, it’s crucial to keep your website’s inventory current and accurate. This not only builds trust but also assists those customers who rely heavily on online research to make informed decisions about their vehicle purchases.

Frequent Inventory Updates: A Necessity for Accuracy

To maintain this trust, it’s vital to update inventory feeds regularly. When a vehicle is sold, promptly inform your feed providers. You can either remove the listing or mark it as ‘reserved’ or ‘sale pending.’ The quicker the feed providers are updated, the more accurate your website’s inventory will be. Regular checks for inventory changes and continuous updates throughout the day ensure that your site always displays the most current vehicle information.

Accuracy in Vehicle Information: A Priority

The accuracy of vehicle information is paramount. With various information providers striving to maintain correct details, there’s always room for errors. Pay special attention to trim information, as differences between trims can significantly affect a vehicle’s price. Of equal importance is the accuracy of pricing information. Any price changes should be promptly reflected on your website to avoid misunderstandings or disappointments when customers inquire or visit your dealership.





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