AutoGO is a GA4 Founding Member

AutoGO is a GA4 Founding Member

AutoGO is a GA4 Founding Member 500 220 Team AutoGO

AutoGO is proud to be a part of the Brian Pasch led, Automotive Standards Council as a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) founding member. The council will be composed of automotive dealers, vendors, and manufacturers who are involved in online analytics and are responsible for analytics measurement.

The goal of AutoGO and the rest of the members of the founding committee is to standardize automotive online in events, parameters and more, and to work alongside a standardized automotive data layer for the industry. This will play out to have great long-term benefits and improvement opportunities for all aspects of the automotive industry digital footprint. AutoGO is proud and excited to bring their expertise and contribute to the initiative.

Google has continued to transition from implementing Universal Analytics (UA) to replacing it with the new and improved, Google Analytics 4. GA4 is one of the many advanced products we integrate in our services to deliver pristine analytic success allowing our clients to sell cars, boost automotive clientele, and outsell their competitors.Google

Analytics 4 Allows us to Better Report the Following to our Automotive Clients:

  • Acquisitions Such as Organic Search, Paid Search, Direct, Social, Referrals, Display, Email, Video
  • Dealer Website Views, Click Through Rates, and Volume
  • Average Engagement Time of Active User
  • Average Engagement Time Per Session of Active User
  • New Active Users
  • Total Active Users
  • Active User Engagement
  • Automotive Event-Tracking
  • ARPU
  • Average Purchase Revenue
  • Purchase Revenue
  • Total Revenue

Transactions GA4 sets a new standard of measuring website engagement for car dealership domains. Our highly skilled team of developers, designers and technology professionals prioritize delivering up-to-date and effective website services to our clients. By joining the council, AutoGO is able to provide the resources that are needed for the automotive industry’s important analytics update. Click below to see how AutoGO will use GA4 insights to power your website, sales, and marketing.




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