3 Easy Practices for Communicating to Automotive Clients

3 Easy Practices for Communicating to Automotive Clients

3 Easy Practices for Communicating to Automotive Clients 500 220 Team AutoGO

One of the biggest struggles automotive dealerships face when selling products is relating to their many clienteles. There are many perceptions as to the “right” and “wrong” way to market products however, in just 3 simple steps, we will show you the most effective methods to sell to your desired automotive consumer.

Determining the Problem

The most important reason a buyer listens to proposals or reads advertisements is to find out what is in it for them. When marketing a product or service it is critical your business figures out what goal you want to achieve. However, goals cannot be achieved until problems in operations are solved. By determining your problems, you can determine your goals. There are different problems for different products and niches. Below are some of the most common:

  • Building new customer relationships
  • Maintaining existing customer relationships
  • Creating efficient processes (software development and logistics)

Creating a Timeline

An easy way to stress value is by creating a timescale for customers to see. By using this visual, clients can easily view the progression of the company as well as examine potential process as to how your product and/or service will benefit them. Your timeline should include the following:

  • The basic core values of your company
  • The goal in which your client will achieve (by using you)
  • Steps you have used and are using to achieve said goal
  • Solution (explained below)

Explain your Solution

Once you’ve established your problems and goals, it is vital you explain a solution to your client. In many instances this can be the most challenging step when communicating with existing or potential business. Your job as an automotive business is to convince the client that your solution is the most efficient route to go. The two best ways to stress your solution are:

  • Include topics. These topics are the main activities you will undertake when providing solutions. Each topic should come with text to flesh out details.
  • Create excitement. Use language to carry action. Explain how you will achieve said goals relating to actions.





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