All AutoGO Websites Now Serve Over HTTPS

All AutoGO Websites Now Serve Over HTTPS

All AutoGO Websites Now Serve Over HTTPS 500 220 Team AutoGO

As of Wednesday, July 5, 2017, we’re excited to announce that all AutoGO websites have been updated to serve over HTTPS. This change creates a faster, more secure environment that also assists website rankings on search engines. HTTPS sites are recommended by google because it prevents intruders from doctoring with data that transfers from AutoGO sites to user browsers.

“We want to ensure that our customers always have the latest best practices and technology.  It is part of our commitment to our clients, to ensure the safest and best technology practices to guarantee their success.”

According to Google, data sent via HTTPS will have three layers of protection:

Encryption: This prevents exchanged data from being picked up by virtual “eavesdroppers” who might try and track your users’ activities or steal their information.

Data Integration: This prevents data from being modified or corrupted when being transferred.

Authentication: This ensures users interact only with the website they intended to visit. This means scammers can’t pretend to be your site and trick users into giving up their information.

This update not only creates a more secure network, but due to its success in improving security, Google has begun using HTTPS as a ranking signal in order to encourage adoption. This means that sites that adopt HTTPS have an improved ranking on search engines.

AutoGO takes the security and success of our clients very seriously, and this latest advancement will continue to set us apart as a premier provider of Websites, SEO, and SEM for the automotive industry.




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